Spreads platform client login

The CFD and spread trading desk at MINT brings an institutional-style trading service to the private investor. We cater for the professional CFD and spread betting client and offer two distinct methods of trading depending upon your preferences.

Firstly we can offer you direct market access via state of the art platforms so that you can submit live bids and offers directly into the underlying exchange.

Alternatively, if you wish for us to execute orders on your behalf, we offer a personalised phone dealing service whereby our team are available during market hours to work orders and provide up-to-the second news and information. This option also affords you the opportunity to monitor your trading through a simplified website so that you can see up to date positions and cash balances.

Opening an account is quick and straightforward (subject to approval it usually takes 2-3 days). You are then ready to trade and monitor your position on our premier service platform.